NEWS ALERT 10/28/2014: Empty Return Policy Matrix Migration
The Empty Return Policy Matrix will be moved from the website to the website on Wednesday, November 5th.
All links on and will be updated to link to the new location.
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Saturday, November 01, 2014
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The features on this page are services of the IKE Terminal Operating System used by the Virginia Inland Port and Empty Container Yards. Container history is also available for all facilities.
For live NIT and RMT tracking, use the new N4 Public Access Portal.

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 N4 Tracking

Container #SizeHeightTypeTermSLDirectionArrivalDays On TermReadyDays ReadyCurrentStatus
SUDU54947284086BXPending00Return per Shipline Empty Policy Matrix

SUDU5494728 - Current Status
Return per Shipline Empty Policy Matrix

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